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This page includes some of the case studies and personal projects I have done in the past years. 

Idea generation workshop-transpor
Idea generation workshop- biotech
Idea generation-clinic
Idea design- consumer products
Idea design- clinic

Growth, Innovation and Circular Economy - Jun15-Sept 17 


Spinnaker partnered with a large public global company in the recycling industry to identify and assess opportunities for growth and innovation, and develop strategies to execute them.     

Impact: we created and  implemented  a  process to identify, initiatives for growth, assess, prioritize, develop the execution plan and execute- "The Growth and Innovation Engine”.

Developed, deployed and initiated a system for “Continuous Improvement Process” in the company.

From Idea to Market Launch - March-June 2015 


During my time at Spinnaker, we partnered with IXL Center to work on a project in Colombia to help 50 mid-size companies to take a product from the idea phase to market launch. I led the process of 5 of those companies  and it was a lot of fun!

Impact: the 5 companies refined the idea, created a prototype and piloted with the first group of customers. Some of the companies got a PO within 4 months. 

Lookup Notebook 2015-2016 


This is the personal project I am most proud of.

I built my own app, published, and sell it!

(I worked with two amazing people Giulia Lucarini and Julian Buitrago).

It is still available on the App Store, but it is disconnected from the data base, so, signing in is not enabled and new word searches are not allowed. 

You can still check the webpage and even download the app.

For this project, I also ran a competition at HULT to crowdsource ideas from talented people. It was an amazing experience

lookup notebook challenge
Innovation and disruption_lm.jpg

Innovation and disruption as a company philosophy- 2014

Value creation should be the ultimate goal of every company and individual.

Establishing a company culture with a systematic approach to involve everyone in the company in the value creation process.

This cartoon presentation that I put together explains in more details how I see it.

Automatic intelligent supermarket- 2014

This was an idea I worked on to develop an intelligent automated supermarket with digital displays. 

It included digital displays for non fresh products, fresh products arranged in a traditional method and a cafeteria area.

Customers could shop in the fresh departments and select the non-fresh items on the digital displays.  An automatic store system will prepare the cart for you.


Sheraton Hotel

Construction Projects 2000-2006

As technical architect, I have been managing the construction of several buildings, the most significant was the Sheraton Hotel in Bilbao (Spain)

Click to see some other construction projects I led. 

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